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Getting the most while selling your home

While selling your home, if you put the right steps in the right order you can have extraordinary results. On the other hand, skipping an important step often causes home sellers to not reach their goal. This could result in a home failing to sell after being on the market for months and months, resulting in no or low ball offers. The result could also be that the home sells for less than it could have. Home Staging is one of these important steps as you prepare to put your home on the market. Preparation is key to you getting the return that you want on your largest investment. There are many steps that should be taken in preparation to make your home sell faster and for the most, be sure to consult with an

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I received a very AWESOME phone call today!

BUT...I will get to the phone call part after I happily vent.    Some of you know that when I was younger (okay just a few years ago hahaha) and got my real estate license, April 1999 - My birthday! I would always say Real Estate was my niche, especially coming from property management.   I thought it was my niche.... until....   Going through some very tough years during the real estate crash, getting defeated with personal crashes and the loss of a parent - I have learned so much from this process AFTER I changed from being the victim to learning the opportunity of self growth and meeting some very amazing people ( Jason Williford who gave me that…
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First time home buyer's look to cash in on american dream

In this article, we will cover three primary reasons that first time home buyers and repeat buyers are looking to buy a home. Every great consumer's goal is to stretch their investment and get the best possible value that they can. The next twelve months within the Atlanta Real Estate market will undoubtedly see some changes. Content of this article are NOT based upon theory; they are based on factual data of the nation's leading experts. 

1. RENTAL RATES SKYROCKET-  Atlanta rental rates have risen exponentially over the past seven years. The graph above is a national chart based upon rental rates across the country. Many Atlanta tenants can't come close to finding and $850. one bedroom

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Why some Home Buyer's aren't getting the Home they Deserve

Buyer's can be stressed and frustrated to find a great home in a hot market. Interest rates are on the rise and inventory is low. These 6 bullet points will be helpful in finding the home you want and deserve. The real estate industry and the local market place changes and pivots quickly, it is wise to be aware of and hire an experienced advocate before making your largest investment.

1. Lack of  Inventory- The Atlanta real estate market is on fire! Interest rates are expected to rise over the next twelve months, it is still a great time for home buyers to buy. A thriving economy and interest rate rise projections have brought an onslaught of buyers looking to find their next or first

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maximizing your return while selling your house

The Real Estate industry is on fire across many areas of America. The inventory of Homes For Sale is low and the demand of buyers wanting to lock in a lower interest rate with the threat of rising rates has created a great enviroment for house sellers. It's devastating to see a house fly off the market really quick, knowing that the seller has left Equity on the table in the sale of the home. While interviewing an agent to Sell your House, make sure that you ask the right questions or it could lose you money on your biggest investment.

1. Underpricing the Listing Price: All to often, we see a house that has been listed or have visited an interviewing seller where an agent has missed the mark pricing

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