Professional Home Staging, 5 Top Reasons to Stage while Selling

Posted by Tracy Cousineau on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 4:53pm.

Getting the most while selling your home

While selling your home, if you put the right steps in the right order you can have extraordinary results. On the other hand, skipping an important step often causes home sellers to not reach their goal. This could result in a home failing to sell after being on the market for months and months, resulting in no or low ball offers. The result could also be that the home sells for less than it could have. Home Staging is one of these important steps as you prepare to put your home on the market. Preparation is key to you getting the return that you want on your largest investment. There are many steps that should be taken in preparation to make your home sell faster and for the most, be sure to consult with an Expert Advisor when you are ready to start thinking of selling. They can help you with what to do and just as important, what not to do, that may be a waste of your money. Primary goal of this article is to focus on Home Staging.

5 Top Reasons to Professionally Stage a Home

1. Staged homes Sell for 17% higher than Unstaged Homes- Coming from a study completed by US  Housing and Urban Development. The proof is in the pudding that you will get more bang for your buck by home staging. Home Staging does not mean doing huge remodeling projects or renting furniture for thousands of dollars. A real estate professional should have great referrals of stagers or have stagers that work for them exclusively. Be careful to allow an agent to be the stager, some can be helpful but their primary trade is not home staging and shouldn't be their strength. 

2. Staged homes Sell Quicker- The Real Estate Staging Association says that a home that is not staged at the time of the study, was on the market for an average of 102 days. When a home is professionally staged the average days on the market dropped to only 45 days. Over 50% quicker by having a professional home stager. This also equates to less money for sellers with time saved and less frustration with wondering if it is going to sell and for how much.

3. Return on Investment of 343% with Staging- When investing $500 on home staging the seller's return  was estimated at 343% by a study completed by Don't be afraid of a $500. expense of staging, a great agent has resources that can make the cost more affordable, the seller pays at closing or is built into the services they provide. The average agent only spends $89. per month on their total Marketing budget for your home and other clients that they have. Make sure that you have an Expert to truly market your home. 

4. 92% of Buyers start looking Online- If you have been searching for a home, you have seen cluttered homes with poor pictures and it happens in all price points. Many buyers minds can't see past this and they go to the next home. Don't let your home be skipped by an easy step, it only takes one buyer to be the right fit for your home. You only have a couple of seconds to captivate the audience of buyers, they are usually most interested in the photos, videos or virtual tours.

5. The First Showing, average of 7-10 seconds to form an Opinion- This is rather quick time frame to form an opinion, it's not their or your fault, human psychology. Part of Home Staging does not only include the home, it also includes the curb appeal. We have shown thousands upon thousands of homes, you would be surprised of how many times buyers will say "Let's go on to the next home." At times this may be unavoidable, we all have different taste in what we like and what we are looking for in a home. There are things that can be done to minimize the "drive away" from happening. The second time for the first impression is when they first walk in the door. Remember that sight is only one of the 5 human senses, all are important when sellng your home. Smell is a big one; offensive pet, cigarette or last night's fish dinner can have buyer's leaving in a hurry.

While preparing your home to sell, be sure to consult with an Expert Advisor, they will be able to put you in contact with a Professional Stager without all of the expensive upfront cost previously stated.

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