Posted by Tracy Cousineau on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 at 10:51pm.

I received a very AWESOME phone call today!

BUT...I will get to the phone call part after I happily vent. 
Some of you know that when I was younger (okay just a few years ago hahaha) and got my real estate license, April 1999 - My birthday! I would always say Real Estate was my niche, especially coming from property management.
I thought it was my niche.... until....
Going through some very tough years during the real estate crash, getting defeated with personal crashes and the loss of a parent - I have learned so much from this process AFTER I changed from being the victim to learning the opportunity of self growth and meeting some very amazing people ( Jason Williford who gave me that giant push off the victim ledge) over the last several years - I know I sell real estate and (damn good at it - you know I must add that insert) but its more than that. Its the life lessons we learn so much from AFTER you look back!
People are placed in your life at times for a reason.
All of the short sales we closed to reach the goals for others, its the goal of the sellers and buyers, the amount of people (employees, agents, loan officers, inspectors, attorneys, plumbers, appraisers, handyman, the list goes on) that each real estate transaction touches, the coaching of other agents to help them with their goals and successes, mentoring, speaking at schools/events, telling my story to help others out of their victim mindset, etc. It's not about me, its about who can I help? Who can we help? This is the passion, I just happen to sell homes to reach this purpose. So first, I thank you for your business that ultimately supports so many people and supports the passion that Jason Williford and I have in getting to these goals.
So why am I rambling with all of that....because of the phone call...
Back to the phone call..


"It is a pleasure, the nomination we received on your behalf was of the highest respect and praise"  Was the voice on the other end of the phone (and was followed up with an email :))

The Neighborhood Impact Awards™ seeks to recognize those special persons in our community who are trailblazers in their fields and those who have experienced and overcome adversity to achieve great success. Individuals who are making a difference by making an impact one life/community at a time.
Your organization, Real Estate Expert Advisors, will receive one of the 2017 Neighborhood Impact organizations award categories.
This year our auspicious ceremony will be held July 29, 2017 in Atlanta, GA and will include the recognition of some our communities most valued leaders. Your accomplishments on a local and national level, is our reason for contacting you, as we feel you exemplify all that we have stood for over the last several years. To that end, we would like to honor you at the 5th Annual Neighborhood Impact Awards.




And just a small note from the Head Office Jason Williford that through the hustle, tears, sweat, sleepless nights - our passion can not be defeated! Our Journey so far has so much growth!

- Tracy Cousineau 



To contact Tracy Cousineau, go to or text/call 770-378-3161

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